Wednesday, November 24, 2010

We need your HELP!
On April 9th, 2009, a brutal attempt was made on the life of Mr. James A. Hunt, a middle school principal in Robeson County, North Carolina. While Mr. Hunt was traveling to work on Davis Road around 6:50a.m. just outside of Fairmont the assailant/s pulled along side him in a pick-up truck. In passing, a shotgun was fired from the truck and struck Mr. Hunt in the face. The assailant/s then sped away and now believe that they have gotten away with committing such a despicable act of violence.
Let's prove them wrong!

The assailant/s truck is white, beige or tan in color. The model may be a Sierra, Ford or Silverado being at least a 1996 model, possibly extended cab. If you suspect someone that has the described vehicle or had one in their possession on April 9th,2009, please contact the Robeson County Sheriff's Department immediately at the number below.

As of to date there have been no arrests made. The Robeson County Sheriff's Department is seeking your help on this "High Profile" case. Anyone with information regarding this case please contact the Sheriff's Department Tip Line at 910-671-3100. You may also submit a tip via email to:

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