Monday, July 18, 2011

Principal Hunt WINS lawsuit AGAIN!

As many of you have been following the case very closely, you know that the school system, The Public Schools of Robeson County(PSRC), has treated Principal Hunt and his family shamefully during this terrible ordeal.  In fact, he had to bring a lawsuit against his employer in order to be granted Workers Compensation for his work related injury as deemed by the North Carolina Industrial Commission (NCIC). The NCIC previously awarded Principal Hunt relief under Workers Compensation in December of 2010 but the school system appealed (rejected) that decision and wanted the matter heard again before a Full Commission in Raleigh. Well, the school system got just what they asked for and on May 10, 2011 the case was heard all over again in Raleigh before a Full Commission and the outcome was UNANIMOUS!  The Full Commission has upheld the ruling of the lower court and on June 22,2011 awarded Principal Hunt Workers Compensation AGAIN retroactive to April 9th,2009. It is crucial to know that up to this point in time that Principal Hunt has received no financial assistance from his employer and no moral support of any kind. It is time for Principal Hunt to get some help! He deserves it and has faught twice in the courts and WON both times! To appeal this decision would be an outright act of continued wasteful spending and would appear to be an outward show of harrassment toward Principal Hunt.  Pay up PSRC.  Stop wasting tax payers dollars on cases that you are clearly in the wrong on like this one!

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