Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Employer Rejects Second Decision in Favor of Awarding Principal Hunt Workers Compensation

We have just learned that Principal Hunt's employer, The Public Schools of Robeson County, has decided to appeal the decision from the Full Commission of the North Carolina Industrial Commission. This doesn't make sense to us. The school system just had an appeal and they lost again. They have been told twice that Principal Hunt is due Workers Compensation but his employer refuses to acknowledge the Industrial Commission's decision. This case will now be placed on the docket to go before the N.C. Court of Appeals. We are confident that Principal Hunt will once again WIN his case and be awarded Workers Compensation for the THIRD time! We are wondering where is the rationale in this current appeal. Why is Principal Hunt's former employer treating him and his family so terribly? In fact, the school system calls the attempted murder of Principal Hunt a "tragic accident." They have got to be kidding! What happened to Principal Hunt was no accident. Call it for what it is,the attempted murder of a school official. Stay strong Principal Hunt, you and your family will continue in our prayers and the prayers of many others.

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